Meet the Author

​Hello my name is Crystal Fowler!! I am a mom of 2- Destiny (4 Years old) and Luke (2 years old). They are our miracle babies and gifts from our awesome Heavenly Father! I am David's wife going on 13 years, and a stay at home mom as well.

Homemaking is what I do and I find myself constantly wanting to learn more about it and discover new and simpler ways for our family and our home. I love to cook and create new recipes. Baking is a hobby of mine that I wish I had more time to do. Its like a stress reliever for me. I know that I don't need all the sweet treats so I only bake when there's an event, and always bake my kiddos cakes instead of buying them for their birthday. I enjoy planning parties and serving in hospitality ministry. What can I say??!!....I am a TN girl so southern hospitality runs in my blood. Saving money is HUGE around here and we try to every chance that we can as we live on a very tight budget.

I am a daughter of the most high King, Jesus!!! My heart will forever belong to Him! I am a Praise and Worship Leader and also serve along side my hubby in Young Adults ministry. We love our family and church family so much, and are blessed beyond measure to live this life that we've been given and all for the glory of God!!  We don't live the American Dream as that is overrated but we do LOVE BIG, and are so thankful that God takes care of our every need!!!





Husband and Father 

He is my husband of going on 13 years in July. We actually met in Real Life Youth ministry where his twin brother and sister in law where Youth Pastors at. He and I served on the Youth Praise Band. He played the electric guitar and I was on backup vocals. Believe it or not, our first date was at a WEDDING!!! Yes, He asked me to be his date to his friends wedding. We dated about 9 months to a year, and part of that was while I was off at bible college -Southwestern Assembly of God University. We would talk on the phone almost daily, and needless to say I only ended up staying for 1 semester for various reasons, but one reason was because of him. I think God had different plans to bc the financing for tuition was just not working out. When I came back , he actually asked me to marry him Christmas Eve night. Of course, I said YES!!! He is my best friend and boyfriend that I will date forever. We drive each other crazy most days, and no things are not always perfect or fine and dandy.....but its beautiful and worth it. He keeps me laughing even in the most difficult and trying of circumstances. He loves Jesus and being in His presence just as I do. He is a IT dude at one of the county schools here in TN , and we serve in ministry together. We wouldn't have it any other way!!! We are far from perfect and have a ways to go, but we love growing in knowledge and wisdom on this journey of life together!!!​



Daughter and Sister

Destiny is 4, very strong willed personality (like her momma) sweet spirited, humorous (like her daddy). She loves music and learns best with it. She is currently in Pre-k and it is amazing to me how shes grown in her independence and knowledge over the course of the year. So proud of her.



Son and Brother

Luke is 2 years old and we call him our little bam bam!!! He's rough around the edges but sweet as a teddy bear at the core of his being. He has a sweet spirit along with a pretty laid back personality as long as you don't get all up in his personal space when it is not warranted. He is all boy and loves to play with trucks and balls, and he LOVES the outside!!!! Hes currently in speech therapy and he is making some progress in that. We are proud of how far he has come.