Bye Bye to Self

I love this letter below….the truth is we have all at one time or another prioritized ourselves and our pride over others and/or God. It’s sad really but it’s truth, reality and very human of us ….being selfish. The even more difficult truth is that God calls us to walk in the spirit and not in the flesh. We can’t be all about ourselves and our pride and expect to also walk in the fullness and freedom that God has for us! Yes! I’m talking to myself too. I’ve been there. I’ve been selfish. I’ve judged wrongly. I’ve spoke out of anger and deeply regretted it even though at the time it felt awesome to just “get that off my chest”…..God longs for us to truly love Him enough to forgive despite a person or circumstance…..and not just forgive but truly have love in your heart for them. After all, didn’t he do that for us? He actually tells us that we are not of God if we don’t love and forgive. (1John 4:7-8)
Dear Heavenly Father,
Teach us to forgive and love others as You forgive us. Mend broken hearts and bring reconciliation as only You can do. Please soften the hearts that are stone cold toward You or others. Bring peace that passes all understanding! Surround them with a love that can’t be explained for You and for those that may have hurt them.
Please turn around everything that the enemy has meant for harm and destruction in the lives of those who You have indeed called Your own as You say You will in Romans 8:28. May we place our confidence fully upon You and Your truths in Your word! May every stronghold and wall be brought down and every chain be broken off of their life so that they can walk in the abundant life that You desire Your sons and daughters to walk in. May they recognize the tactics of Satan and rebuke them, submit to You so that they don’t entertain them but can watch Satan and his demons flee. God help us to be peacemakers and ministers of reconciliation as Your ambassadors. (1 Cor 5:11-21) in Jesus name we pray, Amen!

The End of Me Devo

By: Kyle Idleman

Dear Me,
I’ve known you for as long as I can remember. I once heard there’s “a friend who sticks closer than a brother,” and, yes, that’s us, though I doubt it’s what the proverb was talking about. I’ve been close to a lot of people, but you and me? We have quite an attachment.
Looking back, it’s fair to say I’ve treated you pretty well. As a matter of fact, more times than I can count, I’ve put you ahead of anything and everything else. Agreed?
As we were growing up, I tried to make sure you were always at the front of the line. I saw to it that you got the biggest cookie on the plate, the best parking spot, the comfiest chair in any room we entered.
In school, I noticed the little things you liked, and I went after them. You always loved attention, so I did everything in my power to see that you got it. You still like the spotlight, so I’ve maneuvered to keep you in its glare. Now that we have the Internet, I have more tools. I post only the pictures that show you at your very best. Anybody would think you’re living the dream. Have you seen the comments people write about you? When you have struggled or had a hard time, I’ve done my best to keep that our little secret. I’ve tried to make you happy.
Sure, it was a little easier to keep you happy when you were a cute little tyke. A simple temper tantrum got the job done. Then, as we grew older, I had to be a little more discreet. You wanted to keep winning and getting your way—all the while looking humble and unassuming. That gets tricky! Not to mention tiring.
As a matter of fact, you never seem to care about dull stuff like bills and consequences and what happens tomorrow. I’ve said more than a few harsh words on your behalf to certain people, and you never warned me about the mess. You never told me I couldn’t unsay what I’ve said.
I love you, Me. But I can’t keep living for you. You always insisted that if I’d just keep you happy, then I’d be happy—as simple as that. But you know what? It’s not as simple as that. It never has been.
Me, I’ve let you be in control and sit in the driver’s seat, but it’s clear you can’t be trusted. You keep insisting you know the way we should go, but it always seems to be a dead end. I’ve looked into some other options, and I have decided to begin a journey down a different path. It’s narrow and difficult and not many choose it, but it leads to real and abundant life. However, and there is no easy way to say this, I can’t take this path if I bring you along.
So, Me, this is the end of you.

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