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Ok, so as a Christian doing our best to guard our hearts and our children’s hearts from impurities of this world can be difficult when even the most innocent shows are gradually slipping in sinful immoral things for even the youngest of our families to watch. It’s infuriating to me. I was watching a PG show the other day that had started out clean in season 1, but season 2 is full of immoral sinful ways of life. Since it is PG…..they were just touching the surface of this impure way, but it was very obvious that Hollywood is trying to slip this in their every chance they get in an effort to brainwash our children and make them think that this is a normal OK way to live when it is not according to the word of God!!! Disney is even allowing this in their shows now as if its the norm!!!
As a Christian, I LOVE ALL PEOPLE, so please don’t go thinking that I am a hater, because Lord knows my heart. I just do my best to serve God and stand on His word of truth that speaks against EVERY sin out there. I am not perfect, just forgiven. I don’t want my children to fall for these lies of Satan that are blatantly being put out there clear as day in the media entertainment that is supposed to be clean for them. The word of God tells us different then what the society/world says is ok. My point is here that there are not many wholesome shows out there to watch any more.
That’s the truth, but Pureflix is one TV network that I would promote that is!!! They truly have some of the best shows out there, and they have came a long way. They now not only have cartoons and movies, but they have actually created episode type shows that are really good and comical even. This one, for example, My husband and I have watched, and we really enjoyed it—–> Hitting The Breaks!! They also have many of the Christian Movies that are fairly New Releases available on there, and cartoons such as Veggie Tales and more. They have a great variety for Children to choose from. Looking for Clean Family Entertainment? Pureflix is the way to Go!!!

PureFlix FREE Trial

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