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Donate to Speed The Light

Want to give to a worthy cause this Christmas? Donate to Speed The Light!!! Speed the Light provides equipment and vehicles to missionaries who are sent all over the world to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here is a link that shares more about it if you would like to research more before donating —-> Speed The Light Info !!!

Current Deals

As you all already know, I am a part of the CJ and Share A Sale Affiliate Programs. I am also an affiliate for Kathryn Shirey who emphasizes Prayer. Check out her Prayer Deep Store at the link at the very bottom. If you purchase a product through the links that are on my website, I will receive money and this is at no charge to you. It does help me to continue my website, and any other additional funds go towards my family and home. Your support is greatly appreciated. I will only put companies and products on my site that I support. Here is a list of all those that I am a part of. If I see any deals come through for them, they will be placed on this page. I will do my best to update them as often as possible.

Bible Belles

You hear me talk about my 5 year old little girl often. Well, these books and products are awesome for girls. It teaches them about the women of the bible on their level. If you want to try before you buy, then download the Bible You version App as their our several Bible Belle Devotionals on their that I have done with my little girl and she loved it. I am always looking for resources for my children to help me to train them up in the way that they should go, and this is a perfect resource for our daughters that shows them who the true princesses and superheroes are. It also teaches them to know who they are in Christ!!!

Bible Belles
Bible Belles  - Save $10

Bible Belles:  Heroes for Her!


Dayspring is amazing. They have everything from Bible Journals, planners, Greeting Cards, to Books and Bibles. I love journals and planners, and they create some beautiful ones. Black Friday is just around the corner and they have a 30% off deal that day. Ladies, I get so excited about coupons and that’s a pretty good save. What better gift to get someone then one that will grow their walk with Jesus, and encourage them throughout the upcoming new year. I love Christian Bookstores and anything of the like. This is right up my alley. Hop over and check them out!!!


Anymore, It’s impossible to find a decent show to watch on tv so stream something worth watching with PureFlix. Hitting the Breaks is a good comedy show. There are many other wonderful Christian movies and shows available to choose from even for your children. Give a Christmas gift to yourself, and sign up feeling guilt free for what you are allowing into your heart and mind. This is clean TV at it’s BEST!!! Stream Clean!!

PureFlix FREE Trial

Check out her store here —->>> Prayer Deep Store – Kathryn Shirey
Check out her website >>> HERE