Date Night

David and I always look forward to date night. We actually got to go out last night thanks to my mom caring for Destiny and Luke. Yay! Truth is ,we as parents usually don’t have one ounce of energy left by the end of the day. After the hubby has had a long hard day at work and the wife has worked, cooked, cleaned, and/ or tended to the kiddos all day…’s hard to craft time for each other within the business. Love is sacrifice though so we must give of our time to those that we care deeply about especially to our spouses. There is always going to be an excuse / reason as to why we can’t date our spouses but we must override them so that our relationship will continue to flourish with them. Sure, as parents, our children keep us on the go, but we should never neglect our marriage relationship bc of it though I know every parent has been guilty of it ….us included!! I firmly believe when we as married couples thrive our children do to. It helps the home to maintain happiness and joy instead of so much stress and anger from it all. In all areas of life, refreshment is a must and date night provides the outlet for much need relaxation and enjoyment with the one you love.

I sincerely think that for the longest David and I were spoilt to each other-7.5 years to be exact. We could come and go as we pleased. We would go to dinner and a movie anytime we wanted to, go on a weekend trip on a whim, or just simply go shopping and hangout without much preparation at all. Once our sweet kiddos came on board though, we were in for a major awakening. Planning, detail, and preparation was key! It was No more free flying for the Fowler’s. Now if we go on a trip, it takes a full day to prepare and it’s like we’re carrying the house with us packing everyone’s necessary stuff. We have to line up child care to go on a date which thankfully my parents do take care of them so we can go on some dates. Love and appreciate them so much. Also, my sisters and Bro in laws take turns taking care of the kiddos with us so that each couple can get a date every once in a while. That is always nice, so if you have family or friends that you trust with your children that are willing to do that…’s so worth it and you can save money that way. You don’t have to pay money for child care ….just be willing to give of your time to take care of the other couples kids so that they to can go on a date as well.

Once in a blue moon we get a date night out, but that is why creativity is in order for planning date nights at home. Once the kids go to sleep….it’s on! Sometimes we do movie night and order pizza. While other times we just talk for hours upon hours about life or whatever comes to mind. Dating is simply defined as investing time to build on a relationship with the one you love so it don’t have to be anything big. We date at home a lot to save money also, but you can still make it fun. I’ve done candle lit dinners, laid on a blanket in the backyard gazing at the stars on a clear bright starry spring night….you could even do board or video game nights…..the list truly does go on….. 😍😘❤ Ive often heard it said that you date to marry, but the dating does not stop there! That’s like saying That you took a test and passed it but are no longer pursuing to go forward and continue studying your niche in life or whatever it may be. No, we also marry to DATE!! No matter what… is essential to growing deeper in relationship with our spouses so may we just keep dating!!


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  1. I love your posts and devotionals! I havent seen you in forever. I used to be Lisa Crum. Are you still in Obion County?

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