Deep Talks With Destiny

So my 4 year old daughter has been picking up on some of the songs that we sing in worship at church, and has been singing one in particular all day. She loves to sing!!! The song that she’s been singing is “Surrounded (Fight My Battles)”. Well she was singing the line, ” This is how I fight my battles” and then goes on to ask “Mom, what does this mean?”. Of course, this mom got super duper excited that she was asking, but I always have the hardest time explaining things to her on her level but I did do the best I could. I told her that we fight our battles through Praising and Worshiping Jesus, and in all truth He is the one that shows up in the midst and fights for us!!! She was wowed. It’s amazing though how much God uses our children to teach us. I had a pretty rough headache at the time and she was over here singing this song asking me what it meant and reminding me of His word through this song. God is so good like that!!! For a little over a month now, I’ve dealt with pretty consistent headaches, but I am Standing on His promises for 100% complete healing while I rest and worship trusting that He will fight for me!!!  Yall get ready to listen to this song and be blessed!!! Very powerful and anointed!!

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