Destinys 5th Birthday~ Unicorn Themed

We had my little lady’s 5th Birthday party today, and it was a wonderful turnout. She enjoyed getting to play with her friends and cousins. She requested a Unicorn themed party so that is what she got. We do our best to go by the themes that they choose. It’s their day after all. Right? I LOVE to bake my children’s cupcakes instead of buy professional because not only is it better on the budget, but it gives me practice to. I am not a great decorator so I decided to purchase wrappers and toppers from Amazon, and was very impressed with them as were our guest. Here are ones like what I bought. Mine came from China so they did take a good 3-4 weeks, so prepare and schedule accordingly.

Here are her cupcakes from todays party.

They we’re deliciously homemade. Maybe one day I will get to take a cake decorating class so that I can learn how, but until then I love to let wrappers and toppers do the job for me. ;0)

If You’re looking to do a Unicorn Themed party you should totally check these out!!!

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