Motherhood- do you remember as a little girl playing with your baby and Barbie dolls pretending that you were a mom? I remember playing with my sisters. Oh, if it were as simple as we made it back then. We just spoke that we were going to the store to get groceries and immediately we were there and back home in a jiffy with the groceries in the fridge. We said that we were going to clean the Barbie house and~ *BOOM* ~that home was spotless. The baby went to sleep in seconds, the children were so obedient, and everything was easy peasy in the pretend world of barbies and baby dolls. Those were the days! Yesterday, I got to watch my nieces and daughter enjoy that kind of fun and it made me miss my childhood. 😊

Unfortunately, life as a mother and wife as an adult in the real world is not so easy, but very worth it all. Sometimes we struggle. We stay awake with our caffeine even though we’re at the tip top point of exhaustion bc perhaps the kids ran us ragged all day and/or the baby kept us up all night crying. We struggle getting the kids ready to go to the grocery store, into their car seats for a ride, and then into the cart only to realize if you put all the kids In the cart you will not have room for the groceries so you hold one,and push the Cart with the other children with the other hand. Sometimes we struggle cleaning our home so that it can be a comfy home for our hubby when he gets home from a long day at work…….as it’s like the never ending task that can be so overwhelming and when you finally get a chore done and feel like you’ve accomplished something it goes back to the very same mess it was 5 seconds ago. Sometimes we struggle, because we’re clueless and don’t have the answers or know how to proceed in situations in our child/children’s lives……but the ONE quality that we as moms hold on to through all of this is ENDURANCE! We endure through thick and thin no matter how tired, no matter how worried, no matter how heartbroken, no matter how busy…..we endure, we endure, we endure…..but we can truly only do this with the help of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We need Him to show us the way, the answers, and to give us strength for this beautiful journey that He has blessed us to be on. We need Him to endure and press through to the break through.

So at revival a few months ago, God gave my heart some much needed refreshment and placed this verse in my Spirit while we were praying. It was made clear as day to me!
Psalm 126:5~They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.

Being a mommy and wife is Difficult and full of challenges, but it’s one of the greatest gifts beside Salvation that God has blessed us with and for that we should all be so full of gratitude. Life can be cray cray and messy……but oh it is beautiful. Yes, we may shed some tears at times, but we will reap a harvest of joy if we endure. Let’s press on ladies, pray, and endure!!

~Fowler Mommy Wife ~

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