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So the last few Saturdays have been absolutely gorgeous perfect weather here in TN, and we’ve been taking advantage of it. Luke and Destiny love to play outside, and our weather up until now has been so inconsistent so they haven’t been able to a lot. One day it’s cold the next hot…..I think that Spring is FINALLY here….I hope!!

Today David mowed the yard and worked in the garden while the kiddos played and had a good ole time. We are in high hopes for a good turn out on our tomato plants this year. Homegrown maters are way better then the store bought ones. He also grilled some chicken that I marinated in the Grill Mates mesquite season. That chicken was delish, and I made some Mac n cheese and baked beans as sides for it. Yummy!!! We picnicked it out side, and we have not done that in a long time.

What is it about the beautiful sunshiny weather that puts everyone in a more chipper mood? Hearing the giggles and laughter of my children today as they creatively played together actually getting along just made this momma so ecstatic.

Our Saturday’s have become our family days here lately. Sometimes Saturdays don’t work out bc of birthday parties or other events but despite that we do our best to maintain a once a week family day. It’s become a tradition that David makes pancakes for breakfast on Saturday, though today it didn’t work out, we still enjoyed our time with each other outside most of the day.

Devoting a family day each week has helped in so many ways. For one, it brings the family closer together. It also, is solid evidence to the children that you love them and your spouse. Time truly equals love. Many parents and even spouses think that you can show your family love through giving gifts or money and while that is a nice gesture that does not even close to compare to investing time into these relationships that God has blessed us with. Here is a side note….you can take it or leave it. ~Seriously, if you use money to equal love you will soon find yourself broke bc that individual will begin feeling the void for love with money. It will create a ,I want ….never content …unthankful mentality. ~ ….Another reason for weekly family day is that your children begin to flourish right before your eyes. They know they are loved by mommy and daddy and that makes them feel secure, confident, and free in who they are. I’m ashamed to say this, but we have not always had this implemented family day during the week so I can tell a major difference in both Destiny and Luke since we have! They seem much happier even. Needless to say….Family day is a win win!!

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