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When we moved back to TN after experiencing so much loss, we finally did start to become restored though it was a gradual process. After getting jobs and established with them, we rented a townhome. It was on beautiful land with pecan trees…more of the country life, but it was quite expensive as the electricity bill was about as much as our house payment. Crazy!!! I know!!! One morning, my husband woke up and we were talking about eventually owning a stand alone home and he said “how cool would it be if a elderly person were to give us a good deal on their home?”. We knew that we were in desperate need of getting somewhere cheaper since I was no longer working. I kinda laughed it off….like yegh honey that would be awesome, but probrably not going to happen. Well, little did we know ….that very thing was going to happen. My husband was speaking Faith into existence and didn’t even know it. (He does that a lot!!!)

Sis Sergel and Bro Sergel went to church with me growing up and they actually stood in as my adopted grandparents at our wedding. They were the sweetest Godly couple who we thought the world of. Well, my dad found out that she was wanting to sell her older small but cozy 2 BR 1 BA home to move to Florida and live with her daughter, and he let us know. She told us a set amount that she wanted for it so the paperwork was prepared for us to purchase it. One of the local landlords offered her 10k more then what she was asking from us before she chose to go with us,  so I know it was the favor of the Lord that even put us in the running. It was important to her that the home that her and her husband lived in for over or around 20 years had a growing family making memories in it. She and Bro Sergel are with Jesus now, but I think of them often and how through my life they’ve always been a huge blessing to us.

This home has been a God sent!! The monthly payment is small, and our  water, utility, and electric is not out of this world crazy. Its actually very reasonable!! Not only has it provided me the opportunity to be at home with my babies, but all my babies first have happened here…. First smile, laugh, crawl, walk, and the list goes on!!! This home has been a place of prayer for us, and often I think of the Godly man and woman who lived here before us and how their prayers even after they’ve went on to be with Jesus are probably still being answered. Their influence was great upon my heart and the hearts of many. This home has been full of love and laughter, and sadly a place of anger and frustration. If these walls could talk yall…..it would have a story to tell. It knows the good, bad, and the ugly of the Fowlers, but this home has been a building foundation for our future. We will most likely not be here forever, but it will always be remembered after we leave it  with the most thankful heart for this home that God has provided for us to care for our family. One day, we may move on to a bigger home, but I like to think that our little family stays as close knit as this home has made us to be. It’s not the American dream home, but it has always been a dream of mine to be home with my babies in their first years so I will take this home over a big house payment any day. I’ve never been a materialistic girl, and have always been taught to lay my treasures up in heaven so that is what we strive to do around here. Kingdom living!!! Cozy is better!!!

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