How To Cultivate a Life Of Freedom In Christ as God Intended

Even as a Christian …..there are strongholds that are falling down that have been built up for a long time… my life…..that I didn’t even recognize were there until yesterday in our church service…God’s presence was so strong in the place and He moved mightily…..I’m seeing the spiritual truth over the physical facts in certain areas now more then ever……I don’t understand it all, but the beautiful thing is Jesus is revealing to me what True Freedom looks like!

How often is it that we declare freedom in our lives and in others because where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom and who the Son sets free is FREE indeed…right? ….but then we pick that thing back up after leaving the altar and become bound again? Its like we know His word with our head, but our hearts just don’t get it at times..It’s not God’s heart for us to walk around in bondage and chains!!! God wants us 100% FREE! From age 0 to 100+…..He desires FREEDOM!! He died for our Sins and took stripes on His back for our healing so that we could walk in total redemption, freedom, and healing. Why do we magnify and glorify the problem over the Problem Solver and the Greatest Physician available?

I know how easy it is to be in that stuck place of discouragement we’re all seems hopeless, but our God truly is greater then what we see in the physical rhelm, and He can bring FREEDOM and HEALING. I’ve experienced healing before, so why ….now that it’s a different healing that we stand in need for has it been such a struggle for me to believe? I won’t even pretend to know the whys and hows of why some are healed and some are not on this earth because honestly that’s been a struggle for me and trying to understand that has brought in some of these strongholds in my mind that needed to fall.

Our son, Luke, was diagnosed with Autism a few months back, and needless to say it has been rough and discouraging!!! Hes a good, smart, sweet spirited boy who we love beyond words, but our heart for him as parents is for him to be healed and whole…..and set free from this!!! I know that is most likely every parents prayer who has a child struggle with a sickness or disability. I will say that we can already tell that God is doing a work in His life and that we will stand on his healing forever whether or not it ever happens on this earth…..I was thinking about this today…. I don’t know anyone in the Bible that Jesus came in contact with that stood in the need for healing that didn’t receive healing. No, He healed them all if HE encountered them!!! That was just who He was and still is today!!! Luke is making progress, and we are standing firm on His promise for healing in His life. Will you join us in prayer for this?

Every since yesterday though…’s like God has been unfolding His truth concerning some things to me. I opened my eyes with this question on my heart this morning~~~ How do we cultivate a atmosphere of ongoing FREEDOM in Christ in our lives? From that point it was like God began to show me… often we pray for freedom, but when we get it.. we freak out because we are so familiar with the bondage itself. It has almost become our friend and our comfort zone. It’s definitely what we know so it would be a change to walk away from the bondage and into the Freedom, but so worth it. It may even be harder steps to take to get to that freedom, but don’t you know the peace that would come with that freedom would be amazing? So may we not run back to what’s held us hostage, but run toward the arms of Jesus who sets us Free!!!

We have to change our way of thinking and even how we talk about our needs and circumstances because our words either hold life or death in them….so if God set us free but ALL we talk about is the bondage that held us or an individual hostage…..then our heart will eventually go back to where our focus lies so back to the bondage we go! Life and death are in the power of the tongue so lets speak Life even when it’s hard. I know …easier said then done!! Been there often where I don’t get it right, but lets strive to speak LIFE.

Another point that God has been speaking to me is…..have we idolized the problem instead of focusing on Jesus and saying, no matter what God….I know you are fully capable , willing, and faithful to perform Your word!!?? Have we made it bigger then God as if it’s an impossible situation to get through, get out of, or an impossible sickness to be healed of whether it be of the mind, body, or spirit? With God ALL things are possible! I’ve found myself in a repentant state over this lately, but the truth is we must be careful as Satan is sneaky and sly and will sneak these lies that look good in and then we fall for them and BOOM a stronghold begins setting up in our mind. So what is a stronghold? It’s a lie that we believe to be a foundational truth that is set up over time and even built upon, and because of it … keeps us from God and what He desires for our lives. It keeps us from His best plan! 2nd Corinthians 10:3-5 tells us though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. We must take our thoughts captive and make them obedient to Christ in order to walk in true freedom!!!

For example, a stronghold that I had up was ….well, if its God’s will then He will heal!! What was I thinking??!! Of course, it’s God’s will for healing to take place!!! I don’t believe for one second that He would have allowed His only begotten Son to endure the painful stripes on His back if it wasn’t His will. Another, stronghold was always the thought of not being able to understand The reasoning as to why some are healed on this earth and some are not….so it almost discouraged me so much that I lost hope for healing and gave up on it altogether. The thing is none of us will ever fully know it all when it comes to this. We do know that sin is in the earth and because of that evil and sickness exist in it to. But God is able and faithful to turn things around no matter the circumstance!!!

Ladies and… gentlemen… (if you’re reading), It’s His heart for us to live abundant lives full of freedom, health and wholeness giving all glory to Him always! Anything that goes against that….whether it be fear, anxiety, sickness ect ect ect ….is not from God, and we must pray for healing, freedom, and salvation believing that what we stand in need for….God has the provision for it, and He is able to make the way, pave the path, perform the healing and miracles, draw even the hardest of hearts to Himself…….It’s God’s will for us to be saved, healthy, and free. God does not place things on us that go against that, but He is able to turn EVERYTHING that the enemy intends for harm around for His good as stated in Romans 8:28. So may we as God’s children stand on His promises that are yes and amen for ours, our children’s, family, church family, and friends lives until they come to past! May we refuse to accept anything less then Gods hope and plan for healing, freedom, and most of all salvation!

So How Do We Cultivate a Life of Freedom In Christ as He intended
1. Don’t run back toward the bondage!!! The truth has set you free, so Be FREE!!!
2. Change your thinking!! Speak Life!!! Pray!!!
3. Take Every Thought Captive making it obedient to Christ!!!
4. Don’t Idolize the problem or sickness!!! Glorify the healer, Jesus!!!

Let’s Pray!!!

Dear Heavenly Father,
Forgive us for any time that we have idolized the problem or sickness at hand over You as You are greater then any of it!!! Teach us to glorify You more then the circumstances. May we walk in FREEDOM, and not run back to captivity as Your Truth has set us free!!! Teach us to speak LIFE into our situations, and take every thought captive so that we can make them obedient to You!! Encourage hearts that are downtrodden, and restore to them a hope and great FAITH for healing and Freedom again. In Jesus name we pray, amen!!!

P.S. If you need additional prayer today, please feel free to fill out the form below. I would be happy to pray with you!!! God bless!!!

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