Library Dreams and Must Reads

I’ve always loved to read. I have read no telling how many Christian books. Seriously if I had room in my home for a book case it would be full. For a long time now, its been a dream of mine to have a Christian Library in my home, but until that day comes that I have the space to do that …I am just going to share with you the books that I have laid my eyes on and that have inspired, challenged, and motivated me to move forward in the call that God has for my life. This is not to take away from time in God’s word at all…ever, though some pair well as a part of Bible study time. These books have moved me through different seasons of my life. For example, “It’s OK to Cry” helped me after I had my miscarriages. The book “Whole” by Lisa Whittle helped me when I was in transition and felt lost because I was no longer serving in ministry at all. It helped me to realize that I am not what I do but I am dearly loved by my Heavenly Father simply because I am His child!!! “The Power of a Praying Wife” by Stormie Omartin has helped me from the beginning of my marriage. A dear friend blessed me with it at my wedding shower and I have read it many times over  and  even sometimes still pick it up and read through to remind myself to pray for our marriage relationship. I have read many more books then this list, but if you’re needing some good Christian books to read…these should point you in the right direction and at least get you started.


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