More Then A Song!!!

If there is one thing that I’ve learned as a worship leader it is that Worship is so much more then a song. We hear it all the time, but do we truly grasp what that means? God created our very beings to worship Him. Our life is full of purpose given by Him for Him. Many don’t understand that weather we as an individual choose to serve and worship Jesus as our personal Savior or not we are worshipping something or maybe even someone bc that’s what God created us to do. Think right now about what you put your #1 emphasis into. What or who do you prioritize the most? That is the very thing/person that you worship and idolize. As Christians we can sing a song with our head and understanding but not mean it from the depths of our heart in fullest sincerity to God. Are we singing empty vein words when we go to church on Sunday or are our hearts singing genuinely to the Most High King? John 4:23 tells us that He is seeking True worshippers to worship Him in both Spirit and in truth. Will you be that true worshipper that will glorify Him in your body with Your whole entire life? Will Your every breath be to glorify Him? Will your life be the song that is like a incense of worship before God….a sweet fragrance that lets Him know that He is yours and You are His! May our life songs sing to Him!


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