My Very First Guest Post

Hello Fowler Mommy Wife Life tribe!

I have been so blessed to have this opportunity to post on The Newlywed Chronicles website. This is actually my very first guest post so was both so humbled and thrilled to get to share part of our marriage testimony. If it helps even one couple out there then it’s worth it. Glory to God!!!

This is our Devotional this week, and it is on marriage!!! I hope that you are blessed and encouraged through this very raw truth of our story. We are overcomers by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony!!! (Revelations 12:11) So thankful for a God who changes our hearts as we surrender our all to Him daily!! Also, check out all of her guest bloggers this month as their has been some really GREAT Christian Bloggers giving advice on Avoiding the Honeymoon Rut I, personally, have enjoyed reading everyone’s perspective thus far on what they have learned throughout the years that they have been married, so I will for sure be staying posted on this as she post more.

While you are reading my post and already at her site, please check out The Newlywed Chronicles website ! Mrs. Jennifer and her ministry is such a blessing!!! I have no doubt that you will find great encouragement for your marriage there. I hope that you have a very blessed week in the Lord!!!

Avoiding the Honeymoon Rut! – Day Three

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