Pantry and Quick Cooking Talk

So my husband gets paid ONCE a month from his work so we have to make our money stretch. The majority of our bills come out at the beginning of the month to assure that all of them are paid.  Talk about a tight budget- WE GOT IT!!! Anyways, when I go grocery shopping…. I always make sure to get food items to stock the pantry. For example, we usually get everything at the beginning of the month and have to let it stretch so I know since we only get fresh fruit at the beginning….I do my best diligence to get fruit cups, canned fruits, unsweetened apple sauce to stretch through the rest of the month so that there is somewhat of a healthy choice snack for the kids and us. At the end of the month, we do a lot of our meals from our pantry so I like to make sure that I have spaghetti sauce and pasta on hand.

I also try to keep canned chili, tamales, beef stew, ect for quick meals as well. Hormel actually has a recipe for tamale casserole on the back of there tamale cans and we make that as a quick go to dinner. Dinty Moore beef stew has a quick recipe for shepherds pie that I’ve been wanting to try. Easy Peasy!!! Meatless spaghetti with the spaghetti sauce flavored with meat option is fast and easy. I get the pasta packs that serves like 8 so we can make 2 dinners out of that. Like tonight, I made that as a quick option, bc I was not feeling up to cooking much really. Tomorrow I think that I am going to throw some chicken breast in the crockpot with marinara sauce and toss with shredded mozzarella cheese and atop it with my leftover spaghetti for a quick chicken parmesan dish. You will soon find out if you have not already that the crockpot is like my FAV small kitchen appliance!!! I use it all the time. Get that pantry stocked for those fast and easy go to meals.

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