Road Side Laminate

So today my mom and I were walking with the kids around her community,  and there was a ton of laminate flooring that her neighbors put out on the side of the road. It caught my eye bc it still looked in pretty good shape, and our carpet in our home is going to have to be replaced soon. Its awful being as kids have dropped food and drink all over it. I shampoo it and it stays bright and clean for a few months but the color is so light beige that it starts picking up everything and really showing the true colors of its age. I was nervous to ask if it was up for grabs so my mom did. She said that was the first time she ever did that. My dad does that often!! I think we are starting to take after him ha. Anyways, what is that quote? One persons trash, another’s treasure. It was free!!! Thank God for FREE!!! That’s the first time actually seeing something on the side of the road worthy to pick up, but I will tell you my sister had a similar incident where she lives in Illinois. She came across some brand new kitchen chairs that where set out on the side of the road for grabs and she was needing some. I love how God provides our needs by simply setting them in our walking paths.


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