Secret Life of Pets Birthday Party

If there is one thing I love to do it is planning my childrens birthday parties each year. For a while I would just order a cake for their parties, but it became very expensive so I began making cupcakes each year for them. I use the store bought cake mix, but I substitute and add ingredients where needed to make it richer and taste more professional. I also home make the icing!!! I love looking through pinterest and finding cute but easy ideas to work around the theme that the kids want for their birthday. This particular one was Luke’s second birthday party and, of course, its Secret Life of Pets.

Not only do you save money this way, but I enjoy taking the time and baking with love, as long as I can do it and have the time. I enjoy it, but I know not everyone does so it is truly up to your preference. For me, I do look at it as a blessed opportunity to show my kids how thankful I am for them and the time that God has given me with them. Yall, it does take time and yes it can be somewhat stressful so definitely count the cost in that way before you decide to do or not!!! I am also all about supporting local businesses, so if this is just not your talent or enjoyment then by all means, order the cake. Your kids know you love them either way it goes. I will say this….when my kids get older….I do hope they still want me to bake their cakes because I will be so sad if they don’t.

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