Sisters By Blood, Best Friends Forever

Despite what this picture reveals, I am actually the middle child. I am the one that was labeled angel of the family,laid back, and the quiet one. We all know that its the quiet ones that you must worry about the most, right? I could hold all my anger in until it just exploded and then get out my way because my face was about to be red as a beet and in the words of Elsa…I am about to “Let it Go”!!! I am also the girl that when she laughs uncontrollably snorts like a pig and that to is uncontrollable. In highschool, my best friend first judged me as a stuck up snob. In the words of Shrek, I am like an onion….I have many layers.( Sidenote: can you tell I am a mom with all these animation quotes ha?) I have came along way since then, but still have a hard time being the first one to talk if I don’t know you. It truly is a process for me to become comfortable with someone enough to just open up.

My sister in the middle, Rosey, is the oldest sister. I remember following her and her friends around growing up and I drove them crazy. I just always wanted to be a part of their fun too, and looked up to her so much!!! She may have not wanted me to be right there every waking second, but if anyone….I mean ANYONE….ever picked on her sisters and she was around to see it….she would let them have it. She is and always has been very protective over us!!! We always had the best sister talks, and encouraged each other when we were down. Sometimes we would laugh until we cried, and still do….and that is were my piggy snort laugh comes in ha. On another note, We always sang together at church even though she didn’t care much for being in front of a crowd. Her voice has always been so beautiful. Miss getting to sing with her!!! We’ve stuck together through thick and thin though!!! Big sisters are the best!!! She has always been my best friend!!! Sometimes even the best of friends drive each other crazy, and growing up we did at times….but sisters are the best friends to have!!!

My sister on the right, Charity, is the baby of the family. She used to follow me around and drive my friends and I cray cray. I think it was pay back for how I did Rosey ha…..we had precious fun moments to though. She always wanted to play house and barbies growing up and I may not have always wanted to participate but when I did it was fun. She was always mommas girl, and as most babies of the family …wanted all her attention. She has always been all about family, and her and my bro in law have a beautiful family now-2 Boys and 2 girls. When she was younger she would always say that she wanted 10 kids…Well she might not have had all of them but between us 3 girls we came pretty close with a total of 9 children between us. Who knows? Maybe she was prophesying what was to come and didn’t know it?? ….And now as I am writing this ….it leaves me wondering who of us is going to have the 10th kid ha? Anyways, I will get off the rabbit trail now….Charity has always been one to stand up for what she believes in and that is a wonderful quality to have!!! She is and always has been strong, bold when she needs to be, and beautiful!!! She don’t like speaking in front of a crowd much, but does sing with me some in our wed night services and she has a beautiful voice!!! That boldness to speak and sing more is going to come. I just know it….so get ready sister!! Little sisters are awesome to have!!!

These 2 Beautiful ladies are my best friends and sisters for life!!! We are all so close now, and I pray it stays that way!!!! We have always been a close knit family and to some ….its weird ha. But…I like being weird…well sometimes. Rosie has been in from Illinois the last few weeks and all 3 of us have had the best of times with each other and all of our children. We’ve taken them swimming, grilled out, watched movies, had slumber parties here there and everywhere between the 3 of our homes….bless you mom and Rosie for keeping all 9 of them that 1 night….I know that was not easy…. God has been so good and faithful to us. It is my prayer that all of our family and children remain close knit and loving as we have through the years. There are always up and downs and no relationships are perfect, but There is truly no greater blessings in this life then God and Family!!!!!

~Fowler Mommy Wife Life~

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