Sitting On the Answer!!!

So Destiny, my 5 year old daughter, was complaining that she was cold recently sitting on our couch, so she asked for a blanket and I told her that she was sitting on one. She then went on to say that she didn’t want that one….she wanted another one and she wanted me to be the one to go get it.

This got me to thinking about how often we pray for an answer from God, and all along He’s saying its already been answered …’re sitting on the answer!!! While were looking for the next latest and greatest thing as an answer to our prayers….God is saying…..use whats in your hands that’s already been given to you!!! How often is it though that out of a heart of discontentment we don’t recognize the very blessings that are in front of us that can be utilized for His glory and purposes. Everything has a purpose in this earth!!!….. And how many times do we want someone else to just do the job for us?? Has God called us to do something and we brush it off by saying, “well someone else will do it??!!” How often do we allow fear to consume our hearts and not step out in faith to do what God has called us to do with what we’ve already been given? Sometimes it takes, stepping out of our comfort zone of being luke warm to move into a place that is much closer to God and begin to see the FIRE of the HOLY GHOST burning within our hearts afresh and anew.

I am reminded of Moses in Exodus 4 when he asked the Lord, “what if they don’t believe that You appeared to me?” God replied by asking him, “what’s in your hand?” and then went on to instruct him to throw it on the ground and it turned into a snake to demonstrate the power of God and that He had indeed been in His presence. I ain’t going to lie yall…..I would have ran exactly like Moses did at first until he was instructed to go pick it up. The thing is, I can’t say for sure that I would have been able to be obedient in going and picking it back up as he was told to do. I honestly think that I would have continued running in the opposite direction as I HATE snakes!!! But seriously, that is exactly what I am saying, we, many of times, allow fear to overtake us before we get to the provision, power, healing, intervention, redemption, restoration…. that God fully intends for us as HIS Children!!! We as God’s kiddos must recognize that faith OVER fear will catapult us into His will and plan for our lives, ministries, family’s, businesses and homes!!! We must press through to the breakthrough!!!

So has God instructed you to do something with whats in your hand to bring glory to Him? Perhaps its like how many times something is sitting right under our nose but we miss it and its not until God shines His light on it that the light bulb comes on in our head. Ask God for revelation and when He reveals, take the step of faith in obedience and do what He is calling you to do!!!

Dear Heavenly Father,
Open our hearts to know the hope of Your calling. Reveal to us any thing that we have been sitting on and not utilizing to bring You an even greater glory. Teach us and help us to be obedient to YOU and have faith over our fears so that we can get out of our comfort zones, glorify YOU, and grow in YOU! In Jesus name we pray, amen!!!

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