The Church- History or His Story?

So I took my kiddos to the Discovery Park back last year and per Destiny’s request we went into the church there. 🙂She was asking were all the people were, and….of course….I explained to her that it was a historical church…..that people look through but don’t really go to anymore as it existed from 1852-2010, I believe it was. Her little heart did not let up on that question though….she just kept asking “where are all the people, mommy?” ….out of the mouth of babes right? And as I kept thinking on this throughout my day, it truly struck a deep chord in my heart too. This is sadly a picture of how many in the world view the church as a place in History that either no longer exist, is no longer needed except for in bad times, or is a place to go visit on the important biblical holidays. Yes, the doors are always open with welcoming arms on those days and any day , but that does not sum up the Church. Many in our society believe you can be a Christian without going to church, and while that may be true ….it’s very difficult . That is why God ,in His word ,tells us to not forsake ourselves from assembling with other believers and encouraging each other especially as the day of Christ return approaches closer (Hebrews 10:25) And, of course, the church is not the building….we are….so we need each other. We need to come together in unity with hungry hearts for MORE of Jesus! We need to sing and shout His praises proclaiming the freedom that we have in Christ and all bc He loved us so much that He gave His all on the cross shedding His blood for the remission of our sins. We need the word of God to be brought forth from the pulpit to challenge, disciple, and encourage us. We need to stand in the gap together as a body for those that are lost and need Jesus, for those that need healing, for those that need deliverance from addiction, for those that need the chains of unforgiveness , doubt, fear….etc….broken off of their lives….We need to be there for each other as family bc that’s what we are. We are FAMILY by the blood of Jesus. ….and like any family….we are not perfect….we are human. We have flaws, no doubt, but that is what’s so beautiful about the church…..He did not have to use us as a vessel for Him… all His perfection ….He could have went another route, but He chose us to be a part in building His kingdom. That is humbling. God is so awesome like that . ….But sadly many Christians stop attending church bc someone hurt their feelings, and God has called us to love above all. (1 Corinthians 13) I know it can be rough sometimes and feelings can be hurt bc were all imperfect human. Sometimes we may not even mean to, but it happens…but we must put things into perspective ….are we mainly going to church for God or man? Hopefully , prayerfully the main goal of going to church is for God so no human should keep us from Church. We must forgive and love. God warns us about offense in His word so we must guard our hearts from it. I know …I know….easier said then done right? I understand….I’ve been there too, but God can give us the power, love, and strength to overcome….Our God is GREATER!
My mother in law and I were talking along these lines last week about what Gods word says about the church (I love our deep talks about Jesus❤️🙂) and she challenged me to read the book of Ephesians all the way through as it talks a lot about the church and I challenge you all to do this with me too. Also, 1 Corinthians 12 is a good read about the church. Body of Christ, we sincerely got to step it up and do better. We need to love and forgive more! The Church is not history….it still exists…..Let’s be a part of His story to the world 🌎 May we hunger and thirst after Him so much so that it strikes a hunger for Jesus in someone else’s life! Shine bright ladies, and all for His glory! Love y’all!

~Fowler Mommy Wife~

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8 thoughts on “The Church- History or His Story?”

  1. You are so right. Having been a pastor’s wife for many years now, the biggest reason I see that people leave the church is offense. John Bevere was right when he called it the bait of Satan. I’ve told my children many times that being a Christian is as much about learning to forgive other people as it is about being forgiven.
    I’ve determined for myself that I am a hard person to offend. Even if the other person was trying to offend, I don’t have to choose to be offended. I choose to forgive. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    1. yes, and your welcome. ;0) I love John Beveres book, Bait of Satan!! Lisa and John are amazing ministers and authors. God bless you Hope!

  2. I love the story about the woman who approaches her pastor and says she’s leaving the church because… and gives a list of everything wrong- the people, the music, the décor, etc… His response is: I understand and have one request. Before you leave the church, take this glass filled to the brim with water. Walk around the perimeter of the church one time and don’t spill a drop, then come back and let’s talk. She proceeds to carefully walk around the perimeter carefully focusing on the water in the glass. When she returns to the Pastor, he asks her what she noticed wrong with the church on her walk. When she stated she hadn’t noticed anything wrong because she was focusing on the water, he said EXACTLY. Focus on the true purpose of the Church- Jesus.

    This is highly paraphrased and doesn’t do the real story justice. Church is made up of broken, imperfect people. We would all do well to remember that and be less quick to judge/comment and more quick to be more like Jesus.

  3. Great job explaining the importance and role the church plays in the lives of Christians. Having a solid foundation is key to avoiding temptation. Being a part of a church helps you find friendships that will guide you in rough times.

      1. This is a great blog post. I agree that it’s important to remain in an ongoing fellowship with believers to maintain a quality walk with God. There will be days when the tests seem more than our faith. We need believers who will stick by us and remind us of the truth of His Word on our worst days. It’s so easy to walk away from a church. Somewhere along the way, humans accepted the belief that a church must be ‘perfect’. However, a church isn’t meant to serve us, we’re meant to serve the church. There is no perfect church. Or perfect believer. We can’t allow the things we aren’t fond us to steal wonderful relationships from us.

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