Top 7 Back To School Prayers

This summer has been blessed and busy, but I do believe that Destiny is bored and ready to go back to school where there is more of a set schedule and routine. It truly is bitter sweet for me when its time for her to go back to school. We have had some precious summer moments, and we’ve also driven each other crazy at times. When I was a youngin in school, I would always be nervous and have a certain level of anxiety with the new year on the horizon. Not knowing what to expect was a big part of that, and now as a mom…..I can feel a similar nervousness rising up from within me. There are several prayers that I like to pray at the beginning of the school year and throughout on a daily basis, and I FIRMLY believe that God hears our prayers that we pray for and over our children. Mommys, it’s so important that we rise up in prayer for our babies!!! Calling all prayer warriors this year and every school year to pray!!!

1. Pray for the protecting blood covering of Jesus to be around about them and everyone within the school. Declare Psalms 91 over them as well. I also pray that His protecting angels would surround their schools keeping them from all harm that Satan would try to bring in. I pray this from the local level, and then pray over the state, our nations schools and then all the schools on the map in all countries. (Yes, I know that evil still takes place at times, but we need to teach our children to have a bigger picture/ perspective that says I know that there is more out there to pray for then just me and mine.) That is why as Christ followers ….we need to remain prayed up and cover our children, their schools, and beyond…. in prayer!!!

2. Pray for them to choose their friends wisely, and that they would be kind to ALL never bullying anyone. Oh that they would have a heart of empathy and love that makes a difference in others lives.

3. Pray that they will know that just because everyone else is doing something does not mean that they have to. Even with young children, I have gotten that response when asking, “why did you do that?” “Everyone else was doing it momma”….. I pray that they will make their decisions wisely even if it means standing alone in the crowd. Along with this, pray that they would have the discernment of Spirit to know the difference between Good and Evil, right and wrong, and that God would lead them in every move they make!

4. Pray that even at an early age they will have a heart for Jesus and the bigger picture of life knowing that it is not all about them….but there’s so much more to be considered!!!

5. Pray that they will Study to show themselves approved, do their work as unto the Lord, and make excellent grades!!! (2 Timothy 2:15) (Colossions 3:23)

6. Pray that they would know who they are in Christ, and know that they can do all things through HIM Who gives them strength. (Phillipians 4:13) This is one of the first verses that I taught Destiny last year when she was getting ready to stary Pre-K. She was so worried that she could not do the work that she was being taught and this verse helped to build her confidence.

7. Pray that revival would take place within the schools, and that the door would be open, once again, for God to freely be allowed in them.

I’m sure that there are so many more prayers that could be prayed over them, but these are my top 7. We pray these in the truck on the way to school and I even get them involved by teaching them some of these Bible verses listed above. It’s so important that as mommys we begin at an early age helping them to hide the word of God in their heart so that they don’t sin against Him. They may not fully understand things right now, but building the foundation will help so much!!!

Dear Heavenly Father,
We pray these top 7 over our children this year, and ask that You would move on their behalf in every way. Bless, keep, and encourage them as they start this school year. In Jesus name we pray, Amen!!!

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