Unintended Purpose

I am embarrassed for telling you all this, but it’s amazing how God speaks to me in very practical ways such as this. The purpose of a playpen as you all know is for a child to play in and take some pretty good peaceful sweet sleep naps in. However in an effort to quickly clean my home one day due to unexpected company….we quickly piled all of our clean unfolded laundry that was strolled all over the living room (bc a few little people love to do that) in there. Well that’s definitely not its purpose right? While I was cleaning, I started thinking about how God has a intended purpose for our lives, but often times Satan tries to load us down with his lies, tactics, and schemes so much that we are not walking in the call and plan that God has for our lives. Much like the cluttered playpen, we do not have room to walk freely in the abundant life that we as Gods children are intended to have by God.

So what is the clutter that Satan tries to pile us down with?…..

For starters ……lies about ourselves and who we are…..if he can keep us insecure and scared then he don’t have to worry about us being bold and brave, stepping out of our comfort zone, and allowing God to do what He wants to in and through us.

Secondly, he attempts to pile us down with unforgiveness and bitterness by using people to come against us. He really tries to push the knife in a little deeper each time, and sadly often we don’t recognize this as a tactic of Satan so we allow the offense. Gods word tells us offense will come. It also tells us that our struggle is not against flesh and blood but powers and principalities of the air (Ephesians 6;12)so dont think for one second that where there is discord satan is not in it bc he is deeply rooted in it.

Third on the list, he causes us to worry about every thing…..children, husband, finances, health, church, ministry, marriage….EVERYTHING ….to the point that it consumes us if we let it and we take our focus off of the problem solver (JESUS) and place it onto the problem. Gods word tells us that worry is a sin!!! OUCH!!! I know thats stepping on some toes bc its stepping on mine right now.

Fourth, he keeps us BUSY!!! So busy, in fact, that we don’t recognize all of the above listed tactics are from him. I’ve once heard it said Being Under Satans Yoke. When we are so busy with life, activitys, programs, that we don’t have time for God and to rest in HIS presence then we are TO busy!!! We must be strategic about what we are involved in by asking God this question…. “Is it good or God?” There are many good things to get involved in, but is God leading you toward it? We cannot say yes to everything or we will be miserable.

Lastly, Let me just say…this was not written to glorify satan in any way, form, or fasion. It was written so that you would know that You and I have a God intended purpose and satan would love nothing more then to kill, steal, and destroy it bc that is who he is and what he does. Stay alert recognizing these tactics so that when they do come we can submit ourselves to God, resist the devil, and he will HAVE to FLEE!!! I want to encourage you today if you have felt bombarded and overloaded that Jesus’ yoke is easy and His burden is light. Lets Cast all our cares upon Him, for He cares for us. Be bold and beautiful as His daughter knowing who you are in Jesus, forgiving, full of faith that God is faithful to perform His word and take care of you and yours, and slow down enough to be still and know that He is God!!!! Walk in His freedom, peace, and love forever and ever amen.

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